Simone Colombo

Born 1991, my education in science started in 2005, when I undertook the studies for the upper secondary school diploma in Environmental Chemistry.

I explored most of the applications of chemistry to life sciences during my master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, at University of Milan (2010-2015). During the last year in this university, I went through an experimental thesis aimed to develop MS methods for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

During my studies and after the graduation I had the opportunity to work in several divisions of the pharmaceutical sector, including pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry.

I joined the mass spectrometry center of University of Aveiro in April 2016, as a PhD fellow of the MASSTRPLAN project. My role in MASSTRPLAN is to apply LC-MS methods to the analysis of oxidized and glycated aminophospholipids, with the aim of characterizing these modified biomolecules in vitro and detecting their formation in vivo.


University Aveiro