JF Montero Bullón

Graduated in Chemistry (University of Salamanca) and Biochemistry (University of Granada), I gained a solid base for the understanding of chemical mechanisms underlying biological processes. Early lab-work dealt with molecular biology techniques in institutions such as IRNASA, UGR (Department of Microbiology), BOKU (Department of Biotechnology) and ACIB.

Following I specialized in the analysis of biomolecules by the powerful technique of mass spectrometry. My first steps were related to the elucidation of glycosylation in biotherapeutic proteins, during more than one year at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna.

Altogether, this interest in structural elucidation of biomolecules and expertise in MassSpec led me to join last April the MASSTRPLAN project as a PhD fellow at the Mass Spectrometry Center of the University of Aveiro.

My task is developing the detection and characterization by LC-MS/MS of nitroxidative molecular modifications of lipids and unravel its physiological occurrence.


University Aveiro