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Centro Cardiologico Monzino is a hospital and a Scientific Institute for Research and Treatment (IRCCS) devoted to research and care of cardiovascular diseases. Research at CCM spans from clinical investigations to basic science. Focus is given to translational cardiovascular medicine with the aim not only to narrow the gap that separates cardiovascular research from clinical applications but also to facilitate the translation of the results into health and social benefits.

The permanent staff consists of about 550 employees, including 90 physicians. Staff dedicated only to research numbers 75 researchers, including 12 senior scientists. CCM operates within the University of Milano. It hosts the Department of Cardiovascular Science, the Postgraduate School in Cardiology and the Postgraduate School in Heart Surgery, The hospital is organized into 5 major clinical areas each including different Units: Critical Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology , Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Imaging.

The Research Laboratories were created to develop translational research in the field of cardiovascular diseases. The clinical research groups work together with basic researchers applying genomic, proteomic and other new technologies to the emerging problems in cardiology and heart and vascular surgery. The 5  major basic research programs are: Biology and Biochemistry of Atherothrombosis Program for the Control of Global Cardiovascular Risk Vascular Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Immunology and Functional Genomics, Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering.